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at{mine} is at{yours}. We are the new social network for home and design lovers, where members do the sharing. Discover beautiful real homes and the stories behind them, and find out where to shop the products you love.

If you’ve ever found yourself at a friend’s house asking ‘I love this, where did you get it from?’ you’ve come to the right place!

We love snooping around people’s homes (who doesn’t!) and hearing their stories, and thought how amazing it would be if all that inspiration and those practical interior decorating ideas weren’t trapped behind four walls. That’s how at{mine} came about. It’s a digital invite to endless great interiors of other design lovers from around the globe. Discover real life interiors, how people actually live and create their home.

Share your own style with the community and discover the inspiring homes of the industry’s top tastemakers and interiors enthusiasts alike. Need new living room inspiration? Explore the community room by room. Love something you found in a member’s home? Discover the sources of their style conveniently tagged in the images, add them to your wishlist or click through to shop. Happy days!

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