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January 2017

At home with the sister-founders Hannah & Faith

Layer Home is a curated online marketplace for preloved furniture and home accessories which makes hunting down for vintage designer pieces infinitely much easier than travelling across town to various antique shops or hitting flea-markets at the crack of dawn.

The sisters and co-founders behind Layer Home - Hannah & Faith - not only work together, but live together too! We caught up with them about work, life and a tour of their painstakingly renovated Camberwell home.


Kitchen shelfie jars decor shelf

A bit about yourself:

We're Hannah and Faith - sisters and the co-founders of Layer Home. In a nutshell, Layer is an online marketplace for preloved design and quality vintage furniture, as well as a popular lifestyle blog for all you design addicts out there.

Where you live and who you live with:

We live together (and work together) but we also have two other housemates which means we don't have to talk about work all the time!

We live in a 1980s house in Camberwell - it had been a student residence when we bought it and was in a total state. We did a complete 7 week renovation and it's now a transformed space.

Favourite/coolest item in your home:

We have a beautiful Tapiovaara chair which we bought from one of our favourite dealers. It's simple and elegant - and something we'll never let go of.

Fail-safe decorating trick:

Don't underestimate the amount of storage you need! Particularly when living in a house with lots of people in, you always need more than you think. A piece of furniture might be really beautiful - but it also has to be functional.

Kitchen colour crush corner chair colourful
Bedroom blues side table vintage artwork decor
Bedroom mid century inspired london midcentury decor
Hallway of mirrors entrance decor wall mirror antique

First thing you thought of this morning:

Hannah: What's for breakfast?!

Faith: I'm constantly liaising with our logistics team in order to get our pieces safely to their new home. So (lamely) the first thought I had this morning was 'did all the deliveries go okay this weekend?'

A talent you wish you had:

Faith: I think it's such a cool talent to be arty. We've been working with an amazing designer at the moment to create our first our ever Layer lookbook and I'm in awe of her artistic skills.

Hannah: I would love to be able to sing! I had a shortlived dream as a child to be a popstar but that was cut short by my inability to even make it into the school choir. I'm totally tone deaf but sing along as if I'm Adele most of the time!

Advice to your younger self:

Faith: Stop giving yourself a hard time! You are your own worst critic so start celebrating your talents and triumphs.

Hannah: You don't have to know everything all the time. To be a good leader, you need to ask questions and stay curious - this is something we learnt quickly running Layer.

Kitchen 50 shades of grey island decor

Favourite band of all times:

Faith: Before working at Layer, my background was working for TV music channel so I was lucky enough to meet so many legends in the music industry - think Lulu, Bob Geldof, Nile Rodgers, Joss Stone. One of my pinch-me moments was looking after David Gray who was an incredible performer.

Hannah: I'm not as cool as Faith! My favourite bands are the ones I listened to growing up - I saw recently that Blink 182 are touring again and I'm seriously tempted to go. Their punk rock music brings back everything about being a teenager!

Dining room flowers and shelfies shelf table

Your style icon:

Hannah: I was totally obsessed with the Olsen twins when I was younger. Now, I think their style is a little too eclectic for me. I open my wardrobe and see black, black and more black - I like to keep things simple!

Faith: I'm always dressing up for work. Even when we were working from our kitchen table at the start, I would get fully dressed in my work outfit and come downstairs in my pencil skirt and heels. Is it cliche if I say Sarah Jessica Parker as my style icon? She's always dressed in something quirky but has the confidence to pull it off.

Favourite /least favourite colour:

We're big fans of colour and find that the majority of the designers we meet are encouraging their clients to braver when it comes to patterns and colourful pieces in a living space.

Bedroom feeling blue
Bedroom dressing table love decor

Best way to de-compress:

Hannah: Yoga - I have to force myself to switch off but always feel so relaxed afterwards.

Faith: Cooking a nice healthy meal in the evening really helps me unwind. If I've had a particularly stressful day, running is the best way to clear my head and I always return with a fresh perspective.

A superpower you wish you had:

Faith: Reading people's minds, is that a superpower? Maybe I'd regret choosing that though...

Hannah: I would love to be able to freeze time. I always think about the TV show Bernard's Watch - that would be the dream. There's never enough time in the day and sometimes I'm in a moment that I just want to last for a bit longer, without feeling guilty.

Kitchen colour island grey sofa decor
Garden outdoor outside living blue candle holders sofa west elm amazon

Cats or Dogs:

Faith: I love both! We had a cat when we were little and Hannah was convinced it was evil and trying to take over the world (but I loved it). We also had two adorable cocker spaniels and they were so playful and loveable.

Hannah: Dogs all the way. Our cat was definitely plotting something sinister...

Hannah & Faith's Little Black Book of Peckham in London

Coolest thing about Peckham

It's constantly evolving - there's always new openings of independent restaurants, bars and cafes and it feels like a lovely community to be a part of.

Where you like to hang out

We're always at the Bussey Building because that's where we work - it also has a beautiful space for yoga.

Favourite restaurant/ bar /café

Nutkin has opened in Peckham recently - it's our go-to for healthy lunch and a delicious turmeric latte.

Top 3 local stores

Puzzle Organico
Pesh Flower Shop
Baba World

Top 3 online interior stores/brands

Layerhome - shameless plug
Abigail Ahern
twentytwentyone when we want to go modern

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