Tanya meda
Tanya Meda

Tanya Meda

November 2016

Boho living on the US East Coast

Interior stylist, wife & mama to 4 Tanya Meda knows a thing or two about homemaking. The self-confessed interiors-addict does boho chic like nobody else we know, and her home has bags of personality and charm. And more rugs and plants than you can count :)

Scroll down for a tour of Tanya's East Coast home and get her little black book of her hometown Maplewood.


Hallway entry
Living room rugs
Living room

A bit about yourself:

My name is Tanya. I have 4 kids, married to my best friend for 12 years. I am a homebody at heart. A quiet, cozy evening in with my fam is always my first choice. I am obsessed with interior design (i eat, sleep and breathe it), plants, vintage rugs and art.

Where you live and who you live with:

I live on the East Coast of the United States, right outside of NYC. I live with my hubby and 4 kids (2 boys, 2 girls).

Urban jungle plants

Favorite/coolest item in your home:

That is a tough question! My vintage rugs are probably my most favorite things in my home. I love the warmth and personality they bring to a room.

Also, a custom made sign our of wedding song I had made for our anniversary one year. I love being reminded of that day on a daily basis. When you are busy parenting 4 kids, its nice to just glance over and be reminded of the romance of it all.

My son, Beckett's, bed. It's where we all end up at the end of the day. Literally all 6 of us. Under the covers, cozy reading and sharing stories from the day. It's one of my favorite spots.

Our leather chairs in our living room. We've had them from back when we lived in NYC. After 9/11, we lost almost everything in our apartment - these came with us. They are the spot where I drink my coffee everyday or read a book in the evening. They are comfortable and hold quiet meaning/reminder of that day for us.

Childrens room beckett
Childrens room for like ever
Bedroom sweet dreams

Fail-safe decorating trick:

White walls. White walls let art speak for itself. Nothing gets lost on white. I love the fluidity they allow. You are not stuck with a specific color scheme. Art, accessories can change as your mood sees fit or even as the seasons change. Fresh green Plants are a must. Plants give a space such warmth. They bring a room to life. And they are such great natural air filters - it's a win-win.

First thing you though of this morning:

Yay - it's Friday!!

A talent you wish you had:

There are a couple. I wish i was artistic. I would love to be able to just sit and paint. Also, I wish i was musical. I would love to be able to write music and play the guitar.

Advice to your younger self:

Be brave. Believe in yourself. Take chances. Have fun!!!

Favourite band of all times:

Mumford and Sons, U2, Coldplay, Dave Matthews

Dining room window seat

Your style icon:

Kate Moss, Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn....to name a few ;)

Best way to de-compress:

Bubble bath with a little bubbly, exercise and for me, hands down, interior decorating! (which is why things change so much in my own home)

A superpower you wish you had:

At this point, raising my 4 kids to be kind and giving people is all I can hope for....so maybe - the power to see into the future...to make sure they will all be okay!?

Cats or Dogs:

Dogs. no question.

Dining room twiggy
Study home office

Little black book of Maplewood

Coolest thing about Maplewood

It is full of artistic people. It's a small town full of great energy. It is a real community. It's a walkable town - we walk everywhere- I love that small town feel.

Where you like to hang out

In the summer, we spend our days lazily at the pool at the tennis club. A Date night stand by is the Huntley Tavern. Nights out with friends are usually cocktail parties at our homes. BBQs on the back deck surrounded by friends and all of our kids.

Favorite restaurant/ bar /café

For restaurant, We love Abril Cocina. Cafe is Able Baker. And favorite local bar, the St James Gate.

Top 3 local stores

No 165, Perch, Salvage Style

Top 3 online interior stores/brands

Its hard to just choose 3 but -- i love Shoppe by AI, Etsy (i love supporting small business), and for easy, stylish and affordable West Elm is a good standby


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