Laura seppanen
Laura Seppänen

Laura Seppänen

December 2016

13 quick-fire questions with interior designer Laura Seppänen. Plus get her top tips on Helsinki's insider stores and restaurants

Welcome to the Helsinki flat of interior designer and decorating editor Laura Seppänen.

Immerse into Laura's calm and serene world of Black, White and Green as photographed by talented Riikka Kantinkoski, and indulge yourselves in plants, crisp lines and wonderful objects.

Hope you enjoy this home tour as much as we do!


Hallway entrance

A bit about yourself:

I’m Laura Seppänen, interior designer and entrepreneur living Helsinki, Finland. I studied interior design graduating in 2014 and started out as an assistant in my earliest days. I launched my own design agency at the beginning of 2015 creating interiors for both public spaces and private homes. In addition to space planning I also manage and consult highly-visual web content and social media activities for different design companies. I work closely with various creative agencies, media houses and photographers in the fields of styling, picture building and writing work.

My passion would be able to showcase Finnish design and designers to a larger audience abroad. This year I took on the role of publicist for the Association of Interior Design Journalists in Finland and as a teacher in Helsinki Design School. I lecture about personal branding in social media and 3D visualization.

The two most important things in my life are my closest people and music. I also couldn’t survive a week without good food and wine. I’m also a huge fan of summer, traveling and Instagram. Im dreaming about moving to Copenhagen.

Living room for napping

Where you live and who you live with:

I live in a rental apartment right in the heart of Helsinki. Im very much a city girl. Every week my 40 kilos Rhodesigan Ridgeback dog Joda visits me and we do sleep overs.

Favourite/coolest item in your home:

My favourite piece at the moment would be my new whitewashed Lampe de Marseille wall lamp, designed by Le Corbusier.

Fail-safe decorating trick:

The right amount of items is the key: avoid unnecessary things, only the essential stuff is important. Keep the larger surfaces calm, it gives more opportunities for the actual decorating.

First thing you thought of this morning:

Where will I find a vinyl flooring that is suitable for bathrooms.

A talent you wish you had:

To draw or paint. Also would like to learn how to make ceramics.

Bedroom stay bed

Advice to your younger self:

Always follow and trust your intuition over everything else.

Favourite band of all times:

Even though I’m a rap girl, I have to go for Rage Against The Machine.

Your style icon:

BadgalRIRI aka Rihanna

Favourite / least favourite colour:

Favourite colour would be white, it calms me down and starts all kinds of creative processes in my head.

Least favourite are any pastels or reaction colours.

Best way to de-compress:

Anything that involves music, playing the piano, singing or just listening my favourite songs

A superpower you wish you had:

I consider being patient a superpower. The right amount of patience might lead to less stressful life.

Cats or Dogs:


Living room my favorite corner house doctor beni ouarain acapulco
Dining room fun scandinavian home nemo lighting poster club vintage
Bedroom black white with some green

Laura's Little black book of HELSINKI

Coolest thing about Helsinki

Helsinki is an inspiring city with good people in it.

It’s compact and everything’s close enough. It’s a hidden gem with it’s diverse restaurant scene and tiny streets with small boutiques.

Where you like to hang out

Punavuori district is my all time favourite cause of its wide range of restaurants, shops, cafes and galleries.

Kruununhaka harbour is the place where I find my peace, by the sea.

Favourite restaurant/ bar /café

Oh I have plenty; First lunch at Holiday, Baskeri & Basso for a dinner, then Trillby & Chadwick for fine cocktails, We Got Beef for a party night out and then a brunch at Cargo Coffee.

Top 3 local stores

Widest selection of furniture and home decoration: Formverk

Interior inspiration for more advanced taste: Casuarina

If you’re looking for carefully selected vintage items go to: Roomage

Top 3 online interior stores/brands

My favorite shop of all times, located in Copenhagen but has a web shop too: Stilleben

Swedish: Artilleriet

Actually funny fact about me, I’ve never designed a flat without a Flos lighting in it. I love everything they do.

Kitchen home details


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