Julia mammilade
Julia Mammilade

Julia Mammilade

November 2016

13 questions with queen of white Julia Mammilade

Join us for a tour inside the white-black-grey-and-wood world on blogger Julia Mammilade and immerse yourselves in a hundred and one shelfies and floral stylings. Plus get Julia's insider guide of Dortmund in Germany.



A bit about yourself:

My name is Julia, I am 40 years old, married and a mommy of two.
I am totally addicted to my family, but also to interior, stylings, plants, flowers, blogging, taking photos, creating, being outdoor, travelling to the sea…

Where you live and who you live with:

I live in the western part of Germany, in a small town with a beautiful, rural surrounding and very next to my home town Dortmund, which is a big city in the so called "Ruhrgebiet" area.
I live with my husband and my two kids in this flat, but actually we are planning our own home.

Favourite/coolest item in your home:

Oh my… This is hard to answer.

Ok, let me think… The most favourite item is definitely our really large sofa!
It is perfect for relaxing, for cuddling, for reading books, for drinking my beloved hot chocolate on it… and for jumping, my kids would tell you now.

Then there is an old sewing machine, which belonged to my grandmother.

Another item is my new sideboard, because I won this in a photo contest and had the opportunity to configure it on my own.

And last but not least there are all of these flea market finds - mostly vintage pieces.

Urban jungle plants art bloggers styleatmine
Living room something new livingroom sideboard raumplus white
Living room cozy weekend blanket side table fine little day hay design
Tabletop roses for dinner vase vertiplants hanging planter storage

Fail-safe decorating trick:

Be yourself, don't copy someone's style one-to-one, add seasonal flowers and personal or unique accessories to your home style, decorate matching colours, and sometimes, less is more.

First thing you thought of this morning:

Too early, too tired, I desperately need my daily hot chocolate and what's on my to-do-list for today.

A talent you wish you had:

I definitely would like to have some knitting, sewing, crochet and calligraphy skills.

Advice to your younger self:

Be more brave, discover and follow more and earlier your inner talents and longings.

Favourite bands of all times:

R.E.M., Police, Guns N‘ Roses, Die Ärzte, Die Toten Hosen, Sportfreunde Stiller

Living room bench my vase plants lighting vintage vases clock white
Urban jungle plantsshelfie flea market finds clock puik art
Childrens room kidsroom poster book shelf by graziela ikea print

Your style icon:

I adore all humans who have a strong, inspiring and catching personality, a vibrant charisma, who warm my heart, nourish my soul and feed my creativity.

Favourite /least favourite colour:

My favourite colour - beside my usual colour scheme white-black-grey-and-wood - is the green of my plants and the blue of the sea and the sky.

And I definitely don´t like orange.

Best way to de-compress:

Walking, cycling and running through the countryside, being at the sea, decorate my home (with flowers), plant care and taking a hot shower.

A superpower you wish you had:

A magical superpower would be great.

Cats or Dogs:

For sure cats.

Bedroom mornings blue wall paint lighting bed plants
Bedroom my new lighting studio cheha
Urban jungle kitchen

Julia's Little black book of DORTMUND

Coolest thing about Dortmund:

I like how much Dortmund has changed its image and look.

In past days it was known as a city of heavy industry and coal mining.

Now it turns out more modern, younger, relaxed and it is greener than you would think. I like the fact that history and the present are combined so well and creatively and that they fit so perfect, interesting and special.

Where you like to hang out:

We like to be in our favourite Italian restaurant, at the Lake Phoenix, by several closed and now cultivated mine heaps with wonderful views over the local area and in the beautiful parks and forests of Dortmund.

Living room lazy sundays poster hanging chair light box congo studio
Tabletop table top may fresh green flower power candle holder felt ball

Favourite restaurant/ bar /café

  • Ristorante Mama Mia
  • Café Asemann

Top 3 local stores:

Top 3 online interior stores/brands:

My all-time favourite brand is HAY. Due to so many gorgeous online interior stores I definitely can't pick just 3 of it.

Flower display hello autumn fall dahlia vase house doctor
Living room aery lighting camdle lavender carnation flowers
Do it yourself my diy half ball clock rug sideboard step stool
Kitchen details string of pearls white candles cubus plants clock diy


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