Pepper schmidt
pepper schmidt

pepper schmidt

October 2016

Scethno vibes

Interior stylist, photographer and blogger Pepper loves mixing Scandinavian lines with ethnic influences, and uses nature as her interiors-prop hunting ground. Her neutral palette is wonderfully calming and her neat space will make you want to tackle that long-overdue spring cleaning..! Join us as we pop over to Southern Germany for a home tour!


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A bit about yourself:

My name is Pepper, I'm 30 years old and I collect feathers, stones with stripes and vintage ceramics. I work as an Interior Stylist and Photographer and I´m addicted to flea markets.

Where you live and who you live with:

I live in southern Germany in an area which is called "Kraichgau". The other people living in the house are my husband Michael and my 2 years old daughter.

Favourite/coolest item in your home:

Me. No, just a joke. It´s hard to pick something as I have collected many cool things over the last years. I think it´s the Massai Spears my Grandpa brought from Tansania. I really love them because they have a special meaning to me and they fit perfectly to my "Scethno" Style.

Fail-safe decorating trick:

Add handmade and unique pieces to your stylings, such as souvenirs from different countries or your last forrest walk. This will cause depth and makes your home interesting and special.

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Dining room mirror

First thing you though of this morning:

I do not think before I have my first coffee. But when drinking it, I look at all the green around our house and thank god for the opportunity to call such a place home.

A talent you wish you had:

Sewing and knitting. I´m able to work with wood, clay and paper, but I´m absolutely unskilled with textiles.

Advice to your younger self:

think twice!

Favourite band of all times:


Your style icon:

Not real persons, but I love their style: Rey (Star Wars) and Katniss (Tribute von Panem)

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Favourite /least favourite colour:

Favourite (beside the not so colourful Black-grey-white pallet): coral. Least favourite: bright orange

Best way to de-compress:

Drawing and listening to Bon Iver

A superpower you wish you had:

Flying as fast as Superman (although with heavy luggage, because I would bring so many stuff home from my flights)

Cats or Dogs:

We don´t have pets, but if I had to choose, it would be a dog.

Bathroom makeover

Little black book of Speyer

Coolest thing about Speyer

As we live on the countryside, the next city I love to go to shop is Speyer. It´s very medieval and beautifully preserved, war has not destroyed the old parts of the city. Being there feels like Holiday.

Where you like to hang out

Speyer is next to the Rhein, one of the biggest streams in Germany. There are some cool places to have some drinks on the beach.

Favourite restaurant/ bar /café

That´s the "Aran", a location for very good bread and coffee.

Top 3 local stores

Not a store but absolutely necessary to visit: the flea market at the "Güterbahnhof".

The "Collage" is a tiny shop full of awesome vintage stuff and the "Bücherwurm" offers ceiling high shelves full of old books.

Top 3 online interior stores/brands

Couleur Locale, My Homeflair and The Poster Club.

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