August 2016

13 questions & a hometour with Thea Neubauer, Chief Editor of sisterMAG

Thea is one of founders behind sisterMAG. Together with her sister and brother-in-law, Thea founded the digital magazine with the aim to covers a variety of subjects for the underserved 'Digital Lady', including fashion, food, DIY and lifestyle as well as technology, digital trends and startups (right up our alley!).

The interiors of her period-feature rich Berlin apartment shares the same sophistication and easy elegance of her magazine.

Prepare for some pangs of envy when you discover her colour-coordinated walk in wardrobe!


Living room insider feature with theresa neubauer from sistermag

A bit about yourself:

My name is Thea Neubauer, I am Chief Editor of sisterMAG, an Online Magazine for women, and Co-Founder of Carry-On Publishing, a publishing house for Digital Only Magazines.

I studied Engineering for Book and Media Production in Stuttgart and Leipzig. After a semester abroad in London I started working on the project „sisterMAG“ that turned into my thesis and finally into my full-time job. I’ve founded the company with my sister and brother-in-law four years ago, thus making a family business and not a regular start-up ☺.

Living room insider feature with theresa neubauer from sistermag

Where you live and who you live with:

For four years I’ve been living in Berlin. Until recently I lived in a 75 sqm flat in Prenzlauer Berg. However, I am just in the middle of moving in together with my boyfriend. The pictures however show my current single flat.

Favourite/coolest item in your home:

My white couch that was bought by my great grandmother, now standing in the dressing room and the brown wooden sideboard with intarsias that used to be in my parents’ living room. I have a lot of childhood memories with it, e.g. Easter egg hunting when I was as tall as its bottom part ;).

Fail-safe decorating trick:

Seasonal flowers always lighten up the room!

First thing you thought of this morning:

I woke up in our new apartment, thus my first thought was that we don’t have warm water yet ;). Furthermore, that it is 6am and I am bored without wifi ;). Woke up my boyfriend ...

A talent you wish you had:

Calligraphy and speaking High-German ;) (I am from Saxony and everyone makes fun of my dialect)

Bedroom insider feature with theresa neubauer from sistermag
Bedroom insider feature with theresa neubauer from sistermag

Advice to your younger self:

Don’t always be afraid of everything and try sushi a little earlier in your life.

Favourite band of all times:


Your style icon:

Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren

Favourite / least favourite colour:

I don’t really have a favourite or least favourite colour. With each magazine of sisterMAG we develop a new colour scheme and a period of time I develop a fondness for those colours.

Best way to de-compress:

Pinning on Pinterest, reading quite cheesy novels and jogging.

A superpower you wish you had:

Making food – mine and that of others – less or more salty just by willpower ;).

Cats or Dogs:

Dogs, for example a toy red poodle or a mix of poodle and schnauzer, they are adorable ☺.

Kitchen insider feature with theresa neubauer from sistermag
Living room insider feature with theresa neubauer from sistermag

Thea's Little black book of Berlin

Coolest thing about your town:

Berlin is a melting pot of interesting people. It is easy to get to know new people, e.g. via working with freelance contributors. Furthermore I like that you can still find very cool places to live or work in. It is getting harder with so many people coming to Berlin, but it is still not comparable to other cities like London or Paris.

Where you like to hang out:

Having lunch at Arminiushalle in Moabit and I really love strolling along Kudamm, especially having a coffee at Grosz in Cumberland House, where you can adore the plaster and early 20th century interior decor.

Favourite restaurant/ bar /café:

Hermann Eicke on Brunnenstraße – close to my office where we have spent many mornings discussing projects and the future. Recently I’ve grown very fond of Café Giro in Charlottenburg.

Top 3 local stores:

Type Hype in Mitte, Schoemig Porzellan in Prenzlauer Berg and Hallesches Haus near Hallesches Tor in Kreuzberg

Top 3 desing stores/brands:

Neptune (Uhlandstraße), Stilwerk (Kantstraße), District Six (Graefestraße)

Living room insider feature with theresa neubauer from sistermag
Living room insider feature with theresa neubauer from sistermag


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