Yvonne eijkenduijn
Yvonne Eijkenduijn

Yvonne Eijkenduijn

August 2016

Indulge yourselves in Yvonne's pastel perfect home

Welcome to Yvonne's gorgeously colourful, creative home in Lommel, Belgium. Her home radiates with the same energy that the super woman behind Yvestown Blog injects into every aspect of her life and particularly into her single biggest passion: food.

Hope you enjoy this vibrant home tour!


Dining room red bench plate wall

A bit about yourself:

Yvonne Eijkenduijn (41) From The Netherlands but at home in Belgium. Lifestyle and food blogger, photographer, columnist and author.

Where you live and who you live with:

I live in a former brewers house from 1896 in Lommel Belgium with my husband Boris, our Cats Pompelmoose, Bon Bon and our two rabbits, Whopper and Fifi

Favourite/coolest item in your home:

The build-in bookcases Boris build us in the living and dining room

Fail-safe decorating trick:

Always use a colour scheme

Kitchen mantle turned bookcase

First thing you thought of this morning:

Don’t forget to bring the birthday presents for my friend Roel who I was working with today.

A talent you wish you had:

I wish I had a photographic memory

Advice to your younger self:

Listen to your mother, she really knows best!

Favourite band of all times:

Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit

Your style icon:

Emerson Fry and Audrey Hepburn

Favourite /least favourite colour:

I love Pink and blue and dislike orange and purple

Bedroom throw blanket crochet bedspread kaat amsterdam white wool
Study home office print poster liekeland fine little day
Bedroom pink armoire duvet cover eiderdown bird print swiss sense cath

Best way to de-compress:

Lay on the sofa and watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix

A superpower you wish you had:

I wish I had to power to take on all the powers I’d fancy - like a superpower shifter.

Cats or Dogs:

Unmistakably cats

Kitchen island
Living room dining chairs pendant dille kamille jielde
Kitchen cupboard
Kitchen blue smeg

Coolest thing about where you live:

The nature, it’s beautiful for walking and exploring

Where you like to hang out:

At Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven The Netherlands

Favourite restaurant/ bar /café:

Fuso, also in Eindhoven - I love sushi

Top 3 local stores:

I’m absolutely not a brick and mortar store shopper, I do 90% of my shopping online

Top 3 online interior stores/brands:

Sissy-Boy Homeland

Cabbages and Roses

Tea and Kate

Kitchen my stove
Living room new marta s clover poster set of 3 swallow birds wall colour
Kitchen boot room


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