Carine giraud
Carine Giraud

Carine Giraud

July 2016

The colourful life of a treasure hunter

Carine is the founder of the online concept store BOOM BOOM, a place where she collects all her favourite interior and lifestyle finds. The beautifully curated selection features everything from watermelon socks over cloud cutting boards to Acapulco hanging chairs, all in Carine's signature colourful and playful style.

You won't be surprised to find her family home equally eclectic and happy, full of treasures in citrus and turquoise shades and a myriad of house plats to boot.

Immerse yourself in Carine's happyland!


Kitchen scene from everyday life dining table poster pot made com boom

A bit about yourself:

I'm passionate about images since childhood. I started to learn how to draw when I was 5 and got my first camera at 6! Every year I invented a new writing style at school.

Originally from Paris, I studied Photography & New Media and then went on to province to study Beaux Arts.

I loved visiting all the museums and benefiting from so many concerts and Parisian soirees, yet after my studies I decided not to return to live in the city. I learned to appreciate nature and have space to live. I've been living in Bordeaux for 12 years now and it has become my adopted city.

Last December I opened my online shop Boom Boom which was born from my desire to share all my favourite finds and discover new talents from across the world. Whether they are established or not doesn't really matter to me, ultimately I choose products I truly love. I'm so pleased to see how the selection is gradually growing with alternative and quality products chosen with love.

Urban jungle it grows and table made com dining
Living room photoshoot home boqa design table ferm blanket fly kartell
Childrens room mint

Where you live and who you live with:

So I've lived in the same typical old apartment in the centre of Bordeaux near the docks for 12 years (Les Chartrons neighborhood), with my husband, our 2 year old son Charlie and our old cat Baghdad.

Favourite/coolest item in your home:

I have no real favourite thing but I'm particularly attached to all small vintage objects scattered around here.

Fail-safe decorating trick:

Choose details that are important to you to create the most personal and unique decor. Be subtle and don't exaggerate your biases if you don't want to be tired after two months!

First thing you thought of this morning:

Like almost every morning: "Tonight I go to bed early!"

Hallway vintage rack

A talent you wish you had:

Many! Sewing for example. I always have lots of ideas but become hysterical after 5 minutes spent at a sewing machine!

Advice to your younger self:

Have confidence in yourself

Favourite band of all times:

Hard to choose, probably Siouxsie & The Banshees

Kitchen yellow cocotte plates bowl casserole pot strainer plate rack
Kitchen vintage details
Bedroom my small new friend componibili pot kartell studio arhoj
Bedroom 2 shades of blue
Bedroom mix match vintage bedding table lamp pot componibili bedside

Your style icon:

Perhaps Punky Brewster! Haha! No frankly I have no idea. Surely a free woman from the 60s-70s with long hair.

Favourite /least favourite colour:

Favourite: The entire range from blue to green :)

Least favourite: Brown :(

Best way to de-compress:

A day at the ocean

A superpower you wish you had:

Not just one superpower please! Teleportation, eternal youth, speak with animals and many others...

Cats or Dogs:


Childrens room charlie s kartell componibili donna wilson coat hooks
Childrens room cowboy and native american hooks height chart

Carine's Little black book of Bordeaux

Coolest thing about Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a big city like a small village. Just leave the main streets to get lost in the softness of the old streets and imagine that we are on vacation. One can make the tourists in his city, it's great! There just has to look, observe everywhere, we find all the time a new detail in the architecture, new plants that grow on a street corner (There is a policy of re-greening of the city, which allows the habitants to plant by the city plant of their choice at the feet of their house).The weather is rather nice, people like to hang out on the terrace of cafés and bars even in winter. Apartments have high ceilings with large windows and interiors are often very bright. It feels good inside and outside.

Childrens room details charlie s box book wooden toy boom la redoute
Bathroom antique pink details vintage soap holder style

Where you like to hang out

Right bank. You can even go by boat, this is really cool, it seems to travel in his own city!

There is the botanical garden, the Darwin ecosystem, (former military barracks rehabilitated housing various actors and entrepreneurs to benefit the ecological transition, an organic grocery store where I buy delicious organic herbal teas, urban vegetable garden and hives, and a skatepark where I go with my husband and son), and along the quays wide lawns under the trees where you can picnic by having a beautiful view of the historic center and admire the lights of the evening on the Garonne.

Favourite restaurant/ bar /café

Not really gourmet addresses, the best pizza in the world has closed.

But when I go out, it is to find my friends in a underground bar with wet vaulted cellar where we held concerts and dj set, the Wunderbar. There we drink beers and cocktails up tight like sardines talking loudly.

Urban jungle green to decorate shelf bowl pot rice dk studio arhoj la
Bedroom patti mcgee

Top 3 local stores

In my neighborhood, the florist Les Mauvaises Herbes, the choice of plants and flowers, the decor, everything is absolutely perfect!

In my street (ok this is not a shop, but I'm French so this is important!), Bakery Au Pétrin Moissagais: old bread recipe as the world (ok the world of bread), in a rustic setting, baking in an oven built under Louis XV in 1765.

A must if you love books and have the time ahead (long time), the Mollat bookstore first French independent bookstore founded 120 years ago, 2700 m2 of sales area and tons and tons 'of books.

Top 3 online interior stores/brands

My obsession: Studio Arhoj

If you have a gift to me: Petite Friture

If I could live in a store: Pop & Scott

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