Sara tasker
Sara Tasker

Sara Tasker

June 2016

A visit to the rolling Yorkshire countryside with Sara Tasker of 'me & Orla'

The desire to slow down, simplify an 'stop worrying about stupid stuff' drove Sara and her fiancé Rory to move to rural Yorkshire, England with their daughter Orla. Her life and style struck a chord with many people and Instagram profile swelled to 126k followers and counting.

In her beautiful online journal me & Orla Sara records her thoughts, ideas, recipes, shopping lists & things she eats in cafes to feed 'cause she heard the internet needed more of these things ;)

We caught up with the wondrous talent to ask her 13 quick-fire questions and get her little black book of West Yorkshire.


Bathroom bath night copper caraf good earth

A bit about yourself:

Writer, photographer, mother, fangirl.

Like a Disney princess only with bats and injured pigeons.

Favourite/coolest item in your home:

The 1940s shop counter repurposed as our kitchen worktops and cupboards.

Fail-safe decorating trick:

Paint it white!

First thing you thought of this morning:

Instagram! It's always the first thing I do!

A talent you wish you had:

playing piano. There's a big old one in our living room, but none of us can play.

Bedroom quiet corner bed linen loaf
Kitchen play ikea

Advice to your younger self:

Trust your instincts, not your family.

Favourite band of all times:

I think I would have ceased to exist long ago were it not for the magic of Tori Amos' entire back catalogue.

Your style icon:

Bridget Bardot. Big hair, eyeliner, ballet flats and a hint of sexy shoulder. Timeless!

Favourite /least favourite colour:

Favourite is grey. I'm violently opposed to anything purple.

Bedroom window seat sheepskin rug cushion cover blinds ikea h m home
Kitchen all things white mug rail mugs jars falcon enamel b q toast home
Kitchen cozy socks kettle cooker plumo vintage aga
Living room wood burning stove

Best way to de-compress:

I put my headphones on and go out walking in the hills outside my front door. There's always something new to see - bats, hares, swallows swooping - and the weather

A superpower you wish you had:

flight! Surely the best of all the superpowers?

Cats or Dogs:

Cats. Less maintenance, more naps.

Kitchen little perch stool blanket repose ams olive and fox

Sara's Little black book of West Yorkshire

Coolest thing about West Yorkshire

Hidden away in the moody Yorkshire hills, it's an unexpected pocket of liberal bohemianism, independent bookshops and quirky cafes.

Where you like to hang out

The Handmade bakery - everything is handmade on site by the co-operative of local owners, and the sourdough is so good people queue before it opens!

Favourite restaurant/ bar /café

Marco's cafe, Hebden Bridge. Hasn't been decorated since the 70s, looks like it should be condemned, but makes the best pizza I've ever eaten - including the ones I had in Venice & New York!

Top 3 local stores

The Greyhound Rescue Second Hand shop, Hebden Bridge. A handpainted German cuckoo clock, candy striped 50s bedsheets, a book of origami animals for children. Some days it's rubbish, some days it's a treasure trove, and that's exactly what makes it so much fun.

Craggies Deli and Cafe, Cragg Vale. Local brandy snaps, artisan beers, cheeses and meat with an on-site butcher.

Alfie's Studio shop, Marsden is run by a graphic designer and stocks gorgeous paper wares, stationery and cards. Heaven!

Living room shelfie storage boxes basket shelf system ikea


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