Igor josifovic
Igor Josifovic

Igor Josifovic

June 2016

At home with the Happy Interior Blogger & Founder of Urban Jungle Bloggers

Our founding member Igor spills the beans on his interior life. You might already know every inch of his 32sqm Munich loft apartment, but did you know about his morning routine?? Read to the end to find Igor's Little Black book of Munich!


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A bit about yourself:

I am Igor, the blogger behind Happy Interior Blog and one of the founders of the Urban Jungle Bloggers community. I am living in a small rooftop apartment in Munich's Old Town and I keep traveling back and forth to Paris where I have a second home. Traveling and discovering other cultures is one of my big passions and is also reflected in my interior style. I love a cosy, lived-in atmosphere with an earthy and boho touch showcasing my roots and the countries and cultures that I've discovered. My second passion are plants. Living with plants is essential to me and I can honestly say that I have more than one plant per square meter - here's to green living!

Where you live and who you live with:

I live in a small rooftop apartment in Munich's old town. I could say I live alone but in fact I share my 32m2 with about 40 plants that keep me busy and happy.

Favourite/coolest item in your home:

Tricky as I love most of the items in my home. But let's say that I am partially fond of my new vintage bureau. It is a mid-century piece from Denmark.

Bedroom jungle art throw wall paint flora form urbanara farrow ball

Fail-safe decorating trick:

Seek for harmony in shapes, colours and textures. And simply add a plant here and there.

First thing you thought of this morning:

Misting my humidity loving plants (really, even coffee came afterwards!!!).

A talent you wish you had:

I'd love to have a talent to paint.

Advice to your younger self:

Go for it and just do what you want to do! Become an archaeologist!

Favourite band of all times:

Anything from the 1980s and 1990s really!

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Display blue vintage ceramics vases ebay

Your style icon:

Oscar Wilde, Cary Grant, Johnny Depp.

Favourite /least favourite colour:

I like blue in all its shades. I am not too fond of too much red and orange in interiors but can live with flashes of it here and there.

Best way to de-compress:

During my weekly plant care session. And certainly on the beach with a good book.

A superpower you wish you had:

Traveling through time!

Cats or Dogs:

I'd go for a cute dog.

Study home office bohemian leya chair vintage teak bureau freifrau
Urban jungle green coffee table styling planter tray gaia modernica

Igor's Little black book of Munich

Coolest thing about Munich

It is laid back, clean, green and in the heart of Europe so traveling is easy.

Where you like to hang out

Mostly at home but I also love strolling through the botanical garden and enjoying art at the Brandhorst Museum.

Favourite restaurant/ bar /café

Man versus Machine for good coffee, Super Danke for cold pressed juices, Ola Kala for yummy Greek food.

Top 3 local stores

Room to Dream for interior accessories, Holz-Leute for locally made wooden items, Kauf Dich Glücklich for fashion.

Top 3 online interior stores/brands

General: Human Empire, The Future Kept, Folkk


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